About Us

" A path less taken, a turn into the wild,

       a gentle home, and an experience called life.. "

Let's take a walk back into time where things were simpler and life more livelier.

A time where fruits weren't bought off the cold shelves in there shrivelled being but plucked ripe and juicy off the trees and savored. When you could tell by the aroma wafting in from the kitchen as to what vegetable was being cooked, sweet and full of earthy flavours. When a couple of minutes' walk could take you down to the river for a quick dip, and couple more into the cool forests where the air turns so sweet to breathe that it filled our hearts with hope for every living moment. A time where you could gaze at the vast clear skies for hours counting the stars or be mesmerized by sloping valleys, while doing nothing at all.

Nestled between the serene hills of Uttarakhand and vast magnificent forests, Maatre Yog Retreat is an experience called life. An experience of the little things. Parts of us that we have left behind and are still struggling to understand as to why do we feel so incomplete. It's those very simple yet integral parts which we have carefully gathered with all our hearts to build Maatre, a gentle home for all those seeking themselves.